Karolbagh, The great Indian Baazar

If you haven’t been to Karolbagh, you really have missed a great part of India. Karolbagh has something for everyone. Its a great Indian Baazaar.
You will find beggars, dogs, cows, street food, liquor, bars. At the same time you will find heavily lit gold shops, high end fashion retail outlets, restaurants, hotels.
Karolbagh has its own metro station named Karolbagh. Get out of metro station and walk towards Gaffar Market. If you keep on going straight you will reach to Channa Market, called as China Market. There are huge number of hotels in China Market area. If you want to stay in Karolbagh, Channa Market is the place to go. It is also relatively less polluted.
Once you move towards main market, it is highly crowded. Almost impossible to even walk, forget about driving own vehicle. But hey you will see daredevils coming to Karolbagh in their own vehicle. Karolbagh is famous for its street food. You get Moth Ki daal, wraps, pakoras, kachoris, bhatoora stall everywhere. Literally there are hundreds of street food vendors.
Also Karolbagh probably has highest number of bars per square meter area in whole world. Every few meters you come across a bar. Typically these bars are cheap, serve good cheap Punjabi food along with unlimited liqor.
On entry to market there are high end retail fashion stores. You may find many delhi based celibrities doing shopping in these stores.
Next you come to Gaffar Market.Karolbagh is probably only place in country where you will see street vendors selling memory cards, phones, phone covers almost everything. In Gaffar market you get huge number of made in China Mobile items. From used mobiles to new mobiles, from covers to memory everything is available in Gaffar Market.
Please note Gaffar Market is closed on Monday. Also note that high end retail market is closed but on MOnday weekly flee market opens. So if you are looking for deal on street Monday is the day.
Crossing all this you come across jewelery market. Every known jewelery brand in India has its presence in Karolbagh. Stores are bigger than even five star hotels.
There is a chappal market as well. You get ladies chappal in wholesale in Chappal Market.
Most important is Karolbagh food. Do visit Om’s Bhatoora stall to eat the best bhatooras of Delhi. Just come to KB, have breakfast at Om’s do street shopping, purchase Mobile stuff, purchase some jewellery then have Kulfi at Roshan’s along with Moth Ki Chaat from street food vendors. That’s Karolbagh in nutshell for you.